Founded by the Kent County Public School System in 1974, WKHS is one of the most powerful high school stations in the country. At 17,500 watts with flat terrain all around, our signal can be heard for up to 60 miles in any direction. In a time when many educational stations are being scuttled to divert funding elsewhere, we are proud to continue to inform and entertain our listening audience, while training the broadcasters of tomorrow.

WKHS serves many purposes. Primarily used as an educational training ground, WKHS trains high school students in broadcasting during the school day. Many of our students have gone on to productive careers in the industry.

WKHS also has a dedicated crew of community volunteers who do radio shows in the evenings. These shows are “labors of love” that consist of just about any genre of music that you can possibly imagine. Our volunteers are dedicated, knowledgeable, and entertaining.

When the students and community members aren’t here (summers, weekends, late nights), we simulcast WXPN radio from the University of Pennsylvania. This arrangement helps to support WKHS from both a financial and a programming standpoint. If there is an area that we somehow miss with our local programming, WXPN is sure to fill that void.

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WXPN (Univ of PA) is simulcasted during non- local program hours. Visit the WXPN website for more info.


student djs

Kent County High School students enrolled in grades 10 – 12 operate the station during the academic day.  The FM Broadcasting program of study is recognized by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) as one of nine KCHS Career Technology Education (CTE) program offerings.



volunteer djs

Local community members volunteer their time on WKHS offering a variety of programming options during the evening hours (Mon – Fri) and selected weekend time slots.



In celebration of our 50th Year of Operation we HELD a live community concert festival!

TuneFest – May 4, 2024

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90.5 WKHS
Kent County High School

25301 Lamb’s Meadow Road Worton, Maryland 21678

Main Line: 410-778-4249
Studio Line: 410-778-8100
KCHS Office: 410-778-4540

email: wkhsradio@gmail.com

Chris Singleton

Station Manager csingleton@kent.k12.md.us

Ken Collins

Sponsorship Manager kcollins@kent.k12.md.us

Kris Hemstetter

KCHS Principal khemstetter@kent.k12.md.us

90.5 WKHS —  Serving the Shore Since ‘74

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